Hat Sizing Guide

What size Lil Cap should I get?

The big question! What size should I get? We have provided suggested sizes based on average head circumferences for different age groups. But if there is one thing I have learned through starting a hat company is that children's head sizes vary greatly! For the best fit, you can use the instructions below to get a measurement of your child's head and then use the chart to determine what size you need. Most of our caps are adjustable as well so don't stress too much. We know pinning a toddler down to measure their head can be quite a task!

If you are unable to measure the head of the child you are buying for and your guess is a little off, no worries, we will be happy to exchange it for a different size.

Measuring Instructions:

You can either cut a long piece of string or use a measuring tape. Wrap the tape or string around the child's head where a hat would sit, usually about a half-inch above the eyebrows and ears. Don't pull the tape or string too tight. It's better to be a little loose than too small. If using a string, mark where the two pieces meet and hold it up next to a yard stick or ruler to determine how many centimeters it is. Use the sizing chart to decide the right cap size. If in between sizes, choose the larger size. Hats have a tendency to shrink over time, especially if they're made of wool, and kids grow fast.


Size cm Age
Small 44-48 6mo - 2yr
Medium 47-51 2yr - 4yr
Large 50-54 4yr and up
Fitted (toddler) 48-51 1yr - 4yr
Fitted (youth) 52-55 4yr and up
Fitted (adult) 58-61 adult